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About Exeter

The University of Exeter Surgical Society is one of the largest academic societies at the University of Exeter Medical School. Their aim is to inspire the surgeons of tomorrow' through surgeon-led lectures, surgical placement schemes and dedicated suturing skills workshops.

About the Event

The inaugural Exeter International Undergraduate Surgical Conference (EIUSC) was organized on 20th February, 2021 for medical students and foundation doctors.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held to inspire students and provide insights into various surgical careers. The event consisted of several short talks about a range of interesting surgical specialities and virtual workshops.


  • The Exeter team wanted to set up multiple virtual poster presentation booths in the exhibition hall where presenters could give a two-three minute presentation of the key messages of the poster.
  • Setting up a two-tiered hall to host parallel sessions on the event day.
  • The client wanted to integrate virtual models of Poster Presentation sessions. In response to the above challenge, the Vmeets tech team worked closely with the faculty members at the backend to incorporate uniquely designed poster presentation booths for each presenter.
  • The client wanted to integrate two stages at the backend to host multiple sessions simultaneously. The Vmeets tech team had to set up and manage two stages in two different auditoriums to screen on-going sessions at the same time.

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Event Outcome

It was a brilliant event and the Vmeets team has been an absolute pleasure to work with! I would recommend Vmeets to anyone.

Conference Lead
University of Exeter Surgical Society

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